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Triumph and Transformation: Pearl Abyss Unveils Scholar Class and Expansive Seoul Journey in Black Desert’s Grand Finale Event

Master the Art of Gravity: Scholar Class Emerges as Black Desert's 27th Playable Character

Pearl Abyss announced the successful conclusion of the Black Festival’s year-end event, the “Calpheon Ball,” in the desert over the weekend. The event highlighted the new “Scholar” class set to launch this week and unveiled the major roadmap for the upcoming year, featuring the “Land of the Morning Light: Seoul.”

This year’s Calpheon Ball brought together 250 Adventurers, emphasizing key pillars such as “Character Growth Motivator,” “Player Goals,” and Simplification as crucial themes for the future evolution of Black Desert. The focus is on refining existing elements to guide the game’s development in the years to come.

The new class, “Scholar,” an acclaimed alchemist and physicist, will be playable starting this Wednesday. Unlike other Black Desert classes, Scholars can control gravity and wield twin hammers that crush enemies. The unique aspect lies in accessing new skills through “Ascension” rather than awakening, allowing the use of the “Sledgehammer,” a two-handed weapon combining both fists.

The newly revealed “Magnum Opus” is an exclusive costume for Scholar, inspired by Renaissance scholars, designed to accentuate their scholarly and alchemical attributes.

In 2024, the expansion “Land of the Morning Light: Seoul” will immerse adventurers in the vast sequel to last year’s highly acclaimed Land of the Morning Light. Set in medieval Seoul, players can explore iconic cultural landmarks from the Joseon Dynasty, challenging eight new bosses derived from Korean folklore and myths. The boss battles accommodate large guilds collectively attacking the bosses.

The expansion also introduces a new sword-wielding class, Unsa’s descendants, equipped with a sword and “Gombangdae,” a traditional Korean pipe-smoking tool, providing a rich and immersive gaming experience.

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To enhance adventurers’ quality of life in 2024, Black Desert will implement adjustments and improvements based on extensive player feedback. Systems like Magnus will be upgraded to avoid double loading screens, and instant teleportation to Black Shrine and Atoraxxion content will be supported. Navigation in the Black Desert will be made more efficient with ping checks in the desert and seas, along with the addition of Dream Horse for all new adventurers.

A simplification of item categories, such as Black Stones, farming products, seeds, crystals, mount gear, and Reform Stones, aims to streamline the player experience. As a token of appreciation, adventurers can redeem special coupon codes for rewards like exclusive outfits released in 2023, Cron Stones, Valk’s Advice, J’s Hammers, and more.

Finally, it was announced that Heidel Ball 2024 will take place on June 22 in Beynac-et-Cazenac, France, a village in France inspired by the Heidel region in the Black Desert. Further details will be revealed closer to the event.

Explore the full spectrum of Black Desert’s exciting updates and announcements on to stay ahead in your adventure. The future of Black Desert is bright, promising adventurers a rich tapestry of experiences and adventures in the year ahead.”

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